The Gravity Room

by Marie Martine Bédard



Music support for the video " The Gravity Room"

Low and shaky sounds... raw emotions..."
Musique - October 22 2012

Le début de la fin.
La musique sur « Un endroit étrange où se terrent les vérités non avouées...
Sons fragiles et sombres, improvisés sur des émotions à l'état brut. »
Musique : 22 octobre 2012




released October 22, 2012
Marie Martine Bédard




Marie Martine Bédard Montréal, Québec

Throughout her life, Marie Martine has experienced the sheer beauty of music and its ability to communicate emotions, in tandem with its capacity to heal and also provoke social change. She is from Montreal, a city recognized internationally for its vibrant music and arts' communities, an exquisite environment abundant in muses. ... more

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